A Roaring Success

LifeLinks magazine provides news from both Edinburgh Zoo and the Highland Wildlife Park, outlining the on-going conservation work being undertaken by the RZSS. Wild Things! is an educational magazine that entertains children with fun facts about the Zoo’s wildlife as well as featuring competitions and news articles.

Both publications are distributed around three times a year to members of the RZSS. There are also digital versions available to download from the Royal Zoological Society’s website.


Geo-Graphics completely redesigned both these publications, giving them a brand new look and feel. Their dedicated design team addressed the front cover of LifeLinks and created a look that was more in keeping with mainstream magazines. Other new features included a completely new logo design, colour coded header banners, story titles and the inclusion of advertisements from sponsors and local businesses.

The Wild Things! logo was also redesigned and a jungle foliage theme was introduced throughout the publication. Geo-Graphics also created custom animal illustrations to feature in the “Did you know?” facts section.