Design services

We understand that advertising is a powerful way of getting your brand and your company noticed. That’s why we provide a fully comprehensive service in ‘Above the Line’ advertising services. For whatever you’re trying to say in whatever way you’re trying to say it we can ensure that your collateral is clearly and concisely structured to give maximum impact to your audience. Advertising is a great way of saying everything about your company in a few lines and pictures.

Advertising Services

  • - Copy Writing
  • - Art Direction
  • - Commission of Photography
  • - Commisssion of Illustration
  • - Marketing


Design services

Design is not just an implementation, it’s not even the eventual outcome - it’s our strategy. Every part of what we put into a design is thought out, tested, changed, tested again, reviewed and tweaked to make sure it’s precisely what you want.

Design Services

  • - Corporate Identity & Branding
  • - Prospectuses
  • - Brochures
  • - Leaflets
  • - Exhibiton Stands
  • - Merchandise
  • - Packaging
  • - Magazines


Print services

Printed design material is at the heart of what Geo-Graphics has been doing for over 20 years. We pride ourselves not only in creating great designs but bringing them to life, through various printed forms.

Print Services

  • - Finished Artwork
  • - Print Management
  • - Technical Advice
  • - Printing Distribution


Digital services

We provide a range of products that incorporate the future of web development and content management. Our services can be applied to varied types of websites whatever your business is.

Digital Services

  • - Web Design & Build
  • - Search Engine Optimisation
  • - Electronic Newsletters
  • - Online Shopping Carts
  • - Content Management Systems